Bathroom Wall Stickers

Please note you can choose from a wide range of colours and sizes on most of my designs.
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Self-adhesive, waterproof, and easy to apply bathroom wall stickers.

When your bathroom needs freshening up, look no further than my gorgeous bathroom wall stickers. Stylish, quirky, customisable and waterproof, these self-adhesive stickers will instantly transform your standard-edition bathroom walls.

Need to remind yourself to indulge in a nice bubble bath every once in a while? Want to make sure everyone reads the bathroom rules? Looking to reinvent your bathroom with nautical or pirate-themed artwork? Or simply need a way to decorate a boring stretch of tiles? You will find just what you need in this collection of stickers for bathroom walls.

My bathroom wall art stickers are available in multiple designs, sizes and colours to suit both spacious and compact bathrooms. Further, they are immune to water or steam, and are crafted to produce a charming hand-painted look once applied to walls, doors, windows or tiled surfaces.

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Unique Bathroom Wall Stickers