Kids Wall Stickers

Gemma's glow-in-the-dark kids wall stickers create a mesmerising nighttime ambiance that will soothe your child to sleep and fill their dreams with enchantment. Watch as they drift off into a world of imagination!

Crafted with love and high-quality materials, Gemma's kids wall stickers have a hand-painted look that adds a touch of charm to any surface. Whether it's their bedroom walls, doors, windows, or even furniture, our stickers will transform their space into a whimsical wonderland!

Create a fun and playful atmosphere with my kids wall stickers

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Showing 97 - 140 of 140 products
Showing 97 - 140 of 140 products

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Personalised Unicorn Wall Sticker

Personalised Unicorn Head Sticker

Polka Dot Wall Stickers

Prince Wall Art Sticker With Name

Once Upon A Time Prince Wall Sticker

Give your little girl, partner confidence and a feeling of love with one of my princess wall art stickers

Princess Wall Decals

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Princess Wall Decals

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You may wish to display the date in numbers, letters or both. For example, 6 September 2012, 6th September 2012, or 6.9.12 and so on. Please scroll down to see other Princess wall stickers.


Robot Wall Sticker

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Robot Wall Sticker

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat Wall Sticker

Sandcastle Wall Sticker

Sometimes Being A Brother Wall Sticker

Star Fairy

Stars & Moon Cloud Wall Sticker

Such A Big Miracle in Such a Little Boy is ideal for nursery decoration and comes in 25 colours including gold and silver.

Such A Big Miracle is ideal for nursery decoration and comes in 25 different colours including gold and silver.

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice Wall Sticker

Personalised Baby Mickey Mouse Sleeping Sticker

Personalised Baby Minnie Mouse Sleeping Sticker

Nursery The Moment Time Stood Still

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Do You Know How Loved You Are Wall Sticker

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wall Quote Sticker

Two Cute Bunny Wall Sticker

Please note you can personalise the quotes.

Two Princes

Wall Art for twins, sisters or good friends.

Under Construction Wall Art Sticker

Very Important Princess

We Love You To The Moon And Back Wall Sticker

'We Made A Wish And You Came True' is a lovely, lovely wall quote for over your babies cot.

Welcome On Board Sticker

Butterfly Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

Large Glow In The Dark Stars. Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries

My Personalised Glitter Name Stickers Are Precision Cut, Self Adhesive And Easy To Apply. You Can Apply Them To Most Surfaces. PLEASE SCROLL THROUGH IMAGES TO SEE COLOUR & FONT CHOICES

We Love You To The Moon And Back Sticker

"Transform Your Space: Immerse Yourself in the World of My Personalised Wall Stickers. Meticulously Cut, Self-Adhesive, and Effortless to Apply. When Fitted to the Wall, They Radiate the Charm of Professionally Hand-Painted Artwork. Elevate Your Space with This Sophisticated Aesthetic that Captures Attention and Admiration. An Ideal Addition to Home, School, Office, or Any Environment." 1. Choose your size. 2. Choose your colour. 3. Choose your font. 4. Type in your words. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE FONTS AND COLOUR CHOICES

Glow In The Dark Baby Sleeping Sticker

How Do You Spell Love Winnie The Pooh Wall Quote

I Love You To The Stars And Back Wall Sticker