Laundry Wall Stickers

Please note you can choose from a wide range of colours and sizes on most of my designs.
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Laundry Room Wall Art Stickers

Don’t deprive your laundry room of the right to be stylish! My laundry wall stickers feature a variety of witty messages and elegant artwork to freshen up your laundry area in no time.

These quirky and charming laundry wall art stickers will serve as the perfect antidote to your laundry woes. Cheering you up with funny quotes and beautiful artwork while you work through the day’s load, they will help you wash your worries away and make your laundry room a welcoming space.

My laundry stickers are waterproof and resistant to heat and steam. They are also made of high-quality materials that can adhere to walls, tiles, mirrors, cupboards, glass partitions and many other surfaces. Further, these laundry decals have been crafted to produce a lovely hand-painted look once applied to any of these surfaces, giving your laundry area just the makeover it needs.

Waterproof and self-adhesive laundry room art wall stickers