Nursery Wall Stickers

Enhance the charm of your nursery with Gemma's exquisitely handcrafted and professionally designed nursery wall stickers. These stickers are thoughtfully created to give your baby's room a delightful and artistic touch, making it look like they were expertly hand-painted by a skilled artist.

Nursery Wall Stickers that look like they are professionally hand-painted

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Showing 1 - 48 of 90 products
Showing 1 - 48 of 90 products

No Joys On Earth Girls Nursery Quote

The nursery cloud wall stickers come in 25 colours including gold and silver and the most popular for the clouds is white.

If you would like to to speak to me about your custom nursery wall stickers please message me via the 'contact me' button above, Or you can email, Alternatively you can phone me on 01744 757598

Please use the drop down boxes below to select colours. Do get in touch if you want to vary the colours even further and I will be happy to help.

These glow in the dark star stickers are more than just typical cheap stickers. They are of high quality, which means they won't lose their glow quickly or peel off easily. Their versatility and enchanting glow make them an ideal choice for kids, children, teens, and adults alike. Easy application on ceilings and walls means anyone can enjoy the beauty of the night sky in their own space. These stickers offer not only a delightful decoration but also a magical experience that everyone will love.

Prince Wall Art Sticker With Name

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Do You Know How Loved You Are Wall Sticker

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wall Quote Sticker

'We Made A Wish And You Came True' is a lovely, lovely wall quote for over your babies cot.

Nursery The Moment Time Stood Still

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Wall Sticker

We Love You To The Moon And Back Sticker

Guardian Angel Pure And Bright Guide My Darling While She Sleeps Tonight. You can add any name for example, you could say, Guide my family while they sleep tonight/ Guide My Sweetheart, Guide My George and so on.

Such A Big Miracle is ideal for nursery decoration and comes in 25 different colours including gold and silver.

We Love You To The Moon And Back Wall Sticker

Such A Big Miracle in Such a Little Boy is ideal for nursery decoration and comes in 25 colours including gold and silver.

Girls Dotty Name Wall Sticker

Personalised DOB Baby Wall Sticker

Glitter Butterfly Stickers

Rose Gold Butterfly Stickers

Dots & Name Wall Sticker For Both Girls & Boys

Name Wall Stickers

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Name Wall Stickers

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Capital Letter with Name

Your First Breath Took Ours Away Wall Art Sticker

Sweet Dreams Sleep Tight Wall Art Sticker

I Love You To The Stars And Back Wall Sticker

Glow In The Dark Sweet Dreams Sticker

Bow & Name Girls Sticker

Disney Name Wall Sticker

A truly awesome wall quote for twin babies is certainly, 'two little blessings sent from above'

Angels Danced The Day You Were Born Nursery Wall Quote

I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me Wall Quote

Large Glow In The Dark Stars. Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries

Count Sheep To Help You Sleep Wall Sticker

Loved You Yesterday, Love You Still Wall Art Quote

Nana Says When God Made Me Wall Sticker Please enter alternative name if you do not require 'Nana'

Glow In The Dark Cloud Stickers

Angels Watch Me Through The Night Wall Quote Sticker

Read Me A Story Tuck Me In Tight Wall Sticker comes in 25 colours including gold and silver.

With a butterfly kiss wall sticker that can be personalised

'Every Good And Perfect Gift Comes From Above' is ideal for your little ones nursery or the wall quote could be applied to other rooms in your home.

No Joys On Earth Boys Nursery Quote

A baby fills a place in your heart.

How Do You Spell Love Winnie The Pooh Wall Quote

Second star to the right and straight on till morning peter pan wall quote

Butterfly Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

My Personalised Glitter Name Stickers Are Precision Cut, Self Adhesive And Easy To Apply. You Can Apply Them To Most Surfaces. PLEASE SCROLL THROUGH IMAGES TO SEE COLOUR & FONT CHOICES

Glow In The Dark Name Bedroom Wall Stickers